Apr 222012



I’m big on basics! “Basics” are nothing more than fundamental building blocks. For example, think of all the  building blocks that go into a child learning to walk.  A child must learn to sit, crawl, stand, and walk with assistance before a first individual step is taken.  It’s a lot of work to walk, but as soon as a child begins walking all the building blocks fade in comparison with those first steps.  When interacting with others, we often get so wrapped up in finessing the fine point of a given situation that we


Although network marketing makes some people a bit sqeamish, it is based on a great concept.  You select a product that interests you or that you believe has some inherent value. Therefore, you naturally have great enthusiam when you talk about the product.  Then, the magic happens.  You tell your friends about the product.  Your friends hear your enthusiasm and agree to try the product because you have credibility with them. Your enthusiam for the product is contagious and they have an expectation that the product will work for them.  Low and behold: it does.  Those two factors combine to sweep many of your friends into the program.  That is how great products are marketed by many companies.  The problem comes in when you run out of friends or aquaintences.  Although you still have unbounding enthusiam for the product, you no longer hold that magic that existswith your friends.  What is the magic?  It’s all the factors that you think of when you think of a good relationship.  Credibility, confidence, repour, and a history of trust are just a few of the factors that go into a good relationship. 


The key is telling one friend at one time.  Spreading your enthusiasm one person at a time.  Telling your message and enlisting the participation of one person at a time.


This may sound odd, but business people would be well served by reading a few books about the foundations of good relationships and marriages! 


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