Catholic Books of the Bible Bingo

Books of the Catholic Bible Bingo
Books of the Catholic Bible Bingo

Here is another bingo game in the Catholic Education Resource series. This bingo set is a positive educational teaching tool that is intended for use in Catholic Education settings, Catholic Parochial Schools, or Catechism classes. It’s also a great game to play at at party or use for “family game night.” Children and adults alike will deepen their religious training while having fun. What a great way to experience a positive message about the Catholic faith, and learn more about Catholic beliefs and practices!

Here’s a fun way to learn the names of the Books that form the Catholic Bible. Included in this set are the Books that differentiate the Catholic Bible from other Christian versions of the Bible.

Use this set to memorize the Books of the Bible. Another idea is to use this bingo game to discuss a particular Bible study theme. When any particular Book is drawn by the caller, the player must talk about how that particular theme might (or might not) be discussed in the Book. It’s a great way to memorize, think about, and discuss a variety of uplifting Bible topics. It’s a great set for a party, Bible study group, or just to play at home.


Starting at $1.99, download and print the set of your choice today!

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