Presidential Bingo

Presidential Bingo Game
Presidential Bingo!

What a great way to help children of all ages learn about the American Presidents. Pictures and clip art of the American Presidents can serve as the basis for many informative discussions about United States Presidents, the Executive Branch of the American Government, and what it is like to serve as a president. The Presidential Bingo set is special because it can be played two different ways. The first set of calling pieces has tokens which match the bingo cards. For example, there is a square on the card that says:  “Rutherford B. Hayes, President #19, 1877 – 1881.” There is a matching calling piece for that square. For older children or adults, there is a second way to play this game. An additional set of calling pieces has been included with questions that must be answered in order to cover the square. For example, a square on the bingo card has the question: “John Quincy Adams and George W. Bush.” If the game is played in the question and answer format, the caller will draw the token that asks the question: “Which presidents have fathers who were also presidents? Answer: John Quincy Adams & George W. Bush.”

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