Halloween Scavenger Hunt Bingo For Kids

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Bingo 
Kids Halloween Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Here’s a fun game that combines two time-tested party favorites: Bingo and a Scavenger Hunt! How do you play? You pass out a card to each player. You can play the bingo game at the beginning or the end of the party. When the scavenger hunt starts, the fun really gets going. This Halloween scavenger hunt game asks players to take pictures of costumes, bring back items related to Halloween, do things (like go trick or treating), or make things (like make a Halloween mask or carve a pumpkin). The Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids game includes pictures of costumes, tasks, and activities that are appropriate for a younger crowd. What a great way to extend the fun at your party without adding to the cost! Have fun and Happy Halloween!

Download 10 cards of this bingo game for just $1.99. Bingo game instructions and calling cards are also included with the game. The cards are 8.5 x 5.5 inches in size. 20 and 36 card sizes are available. o order a downloadable copy just select the size you would like and add it to your cart. Then get creative and plan something fun and festive to use for cover tokens. You can sill order a printed copy of this set by clicking on the link below. Printed sets can be laminated, and they are generally sent out within 5 business days. I added the downloadable (printable) option for all of my games because my children and I have had so much fun playing them that I wanted to create an option that would be affordable for everyone. It also allows the customer to purchase the game right before the party or event. After years of running to the store at the last minute before the party, I think it is so cool that I can save party planning folks both time and money! 

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Downloading the Scavenger Hunt Halloween Bingo Game as a printable? Be sure to take along a flashlight, or perhaps something more festive, to light the way as you fill up your scavenger hunt bag!