Accounting Bingo!

Accounting Bingo Game
Accounting Bingo

Here’s a bingo game that can be used in the classroom or as an ice breaker at your next corporate meeting.

Tired of the same review methods in your basic accounting class? Your students will have fun playing Accounting Bingo, as well as having a unique way to review basic accounting concepts. Accounting Bingo can be used after the first few chapters of most accounting textbooks.

Similar to the other games in UnCommon Courtesy & Coaching’s Challenge Bingo series, students must be able to answer the question that is asked in order to know if they have the answer on their Bingo card. Gone is the typical review of accounting/bookkeeping basics. Using this game will actively involve your entire class in the learning process.

You can add fun and interest for your corporate colleagues or students by awarding simple prizes to the winners. Use your imagination!

Starting at $1.99, download and print the set of your choice today!

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