Dog Bingo

Dog Gone Bingo
Dog Bingo!

I think that this dog bingo game is so cute. We’re big dog lovers at our house, and we all love our two miniature poodles: Sparky and Sophie. Of course, I’ve had many other friends in my life: Odie (a Welsh Corgie/Lab mix), Flash (an English Bulldog), Junior (Flash’s nephew), Shadow (a lovable Rottweiler), and Willis (an English Mastiff). My daughter, Cat, wrote this cute piece about dogs when she was 8:

“Dogs are cute! Dogs are funny. Dogs are nice. Dogs are cuddly. Dogs are sometimes lazy. Dogs are sometimes hyper. Dogs are smart. Dogs might be big. Dogs might be small. Dogs can be any size in between. Dogs like bones. Dogs like to hunt for food on the floor. Dogs like balls. Dogs like to bark. Dogs like to watch TV with me. Dogs like tummy scratches. Dogs like to play. Dogs like to be brushed. Dogs like to beg for food. Dogs like food. Dogs like bacon. Dogs like chicken. Dogs like dog movies. Dogs like to eat my brother’s Valentine’s Day candy. Dogs like to go for a walk. Dogs like to chew- that’s true! Dogs lick a lot. Dogs don’t like cats. Dogs like to sleep with you. Dogs like to guard their house. Dogs don’t like being left at home. Dogs don’t like strangers. Dogs don’t like to have their nails clipped. Dogs don’t like to look for a bathroom. Dogs don’t want to be in the movies. Dogs don’t want to sit up straight or heel. Dogs don’t like to be picked up all the time, unless their name is “Sparky.” Dogs don’t like getting caught when they’ve been digging in the trash- if they are trash dogs. Dogs also don’t like when they’ve dug a hole in my Mom’s rose garden, and they get caught. Don’t hit your dog. Dogs need love. Dogs need affection. Dogs don’t like to be brushed Dogs need to be fed. Dogs need to run. Dogs need to go potty. Dogs sometimes need a bath. Dogs can have black noses. Dogs can have brown claws. Dogs can be annoying. Dogs can look very scruffy. Dogs can look very fancy. Dogs can be as small as a mouse. Dogs can be as big as an elephant. Dogs can drool. Some dogs drool a lot. A few dogs drool all the way to the ground. Yuck! Dogs can snore. Bull dogs can snore so loud that they wake you up. Poodles bark so loud it hurts your ears. Mastiffs are so big that they use you as a chew toy. Rottweilers like to follow directions. Saint Bernards like cold weather. Golden Retrievers like to chase a ball. Beagles like to dig. Blood Hounds like to howl at the moon. Chihuahuas like to be dressed up. Border Collies like to herd. Corgies are friendly. Chow Chows don’t like other dogs. Labradors like everyone!”

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