Susan C. Rempel, Ph.D.

Jan 182013

The words of this loving season will come alive for adults and children while they play this game. It’s a great way to memorize spelling words and reinforce word recognition too! This bingo game is great to play at home, in the classroom, at a children’s party, or as a birthday party activity! This printable game can be downloaded for as little as $1.99 at:

Words of Love Bingo Game

Jan 162013

What a great bingo game to give as a gift, use at a school party, or play with your kids! Here’s a bingo game that’s designed for the most “heart-focused” of all bingo enthusiasts. This bingo game is great to play at home, in the classroom, at a children’s party, or as a birthday party activity! It’s also great for younger players who many want to play a shorter bingo game.

All Hearts Bingo Game from

Jan 142013

What a great game to give as a gift, use at a school party, a Valentine’s Day party at work, or just to play play with your kids! These colorful Valentine’s Day bingo games to be fun and festive.

Click here to be taken to the page where you can download the Valentine’s Day Bingo Game with prices starting at just $1.99!

Download a fun and festive printable Valentine's Day Bingo Game from with prices starting at just $1.99. You can order the set in the printed form as well.

Nov 292012

One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is to host a “decorate your own gingerbread party.” Then, there is the Christmas season which I view as an excuse to bake a batch of all of my favorite cookie recipes. Of course, I have to splurge and have all of my other favorite Christmas sweets and treats around the the house….Isn’t it obvious that I just had to make a Christmas Cookies and Treats Bingo game? It’s also a great game to play at a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party!

Play the Sweets and Treats Bingo Game at Your Cookie Exchange Party! Order a printed set or download a printable game today. Prices start at just $1.99!

Nov 282012

Traditions of Christmas Bingo Game

Reindeer Games c- (Traditions of Christmas Bingo)
You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen….Not only does this game include the names of the reindeer, but it explores all the fun and festive traditions of the Christmas season. It is a hit with both kids and adults.
Nov 202012

Here is another bingo game in the Catholic Education Resource series. This bingo set is a positive educational teaching tool that is intended for use in Catholic Education settings, Catholic Parochial Schools, or Catechism classes. It’s also a great game to play at at party or use for “family game night.” Children and adults alike will deepen their religious training while having fun. What a great way to experience a positive message about the Catholic faith, and learn more about Catholic beliefs and practices! Catholic Advent Bingo Game

Nov 092012

This set is a great way to help children and adults be thankful and give thanks for all of the wonderful things in their life. It’s got historical images of pilgrims, images of foods that are a traditional part of the thanksgiving meal, and some of the lighter side of this national holiday (football anyone?). The printable version of this game is available for as little as $1.99. Download it today! P.S. Don’t forget to download my Thanksgiving Gratitude Cards as well!

Thanksgiving Bingo Game

Oct 172012

Here’s the newest game that is available on my website: Tea Party Principles Bingo! Are you a Tea Partier, a Tea Party Activist, or just someone who is interested in learning more about this grassroots movement?  This game is a wonderful way to teach others about the principles that are important to those of us who would like restore our amazing country to the constitutional republic that was originally created by our Founding Fathers. Ideas such as limited government, adherence to the Constitution, a free market economy, and fiscal responsibility are included in this set.Tea Party Principles Bingo Game

Oct 082012

Will there be a fall festival at your school or a harvest festival in your community? Are you looking for a seasonal bingo game to play at church? Are you suffering from Halloween burnout? Then, play the Autumn Bingo Game!  It’s also a great alternative if you don’t want to celebrate (or over-celebrate) Halloween, or you have a fall or Autumn related school event. It’s filled with fall colors, pumpkins, and all things related to the Harvest.

Click on the image below to be taken to the page for Autumn Bingo

Fall or Autumn Bingo Game

Aug 272012

No matter what type of Halloween party or celebration that you have planned, I have the perfect bingo game for you! I’ve  played the Halloween Bingo Game at more Halloween school parties than I can count. It has always been a big hit. The Trick or Treat Bingo Game was developed for my youngest child’s preschool class. Many of the children who played it were excited to see a costume much like their own on the bingo card. The Spooky Halloween Bingo Game was a hit with all of  my son’s friends. It is the game for kids who like creepy images.  The Halloween Scavenger Hunt Bingo Game can be used as a Halloween party game and/or a Halloween scavenger hunt card. It is two games in one. Of course, not everyone celebrates Halloween….so there is also the Autumn Bingo game that is just right for harvest festivals, school carnivals, and any celebration during the fall season. The Patron Saints for Kids Bingo game was designed for Catholic children who celebrate All Saints Day rather than Halloween. Click on the “all Games”, then “Holiday Games”, and finally “Halloween Bingo Games ” to see all that I have to offer. Click on any of the bingo card images below to be taken directly to that game’s page. These games are available in both downloadable (printable) or printed versions. Plan ahead and order a beautiful printed game with bingo chips, or indulge your last minute impulse by downloading a game or two at a deep discount. Then, get creative and find something fun and festive to use as a cover token. Perhaps a special piece of candy, a cute sticker to be used later, or something else that will delight the players. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!