Mar 142012

Here’s a suggestion for helping children improve their conduct: Remember to form a simple and clear set of rules. No matter  if it is at home or at school, children will do best if they have a simple list of rules to follow. Begin with safety rules for young children. “Rule Number One” in my home is: “Safety first!.” As a child gets older, the global rule can be divided into smaller rule sets. That will facilitate discussions such as what constitutes safety at home, at the park, and at school. It also allows for self-analysis about why a certain behavior or action may have violated “Rule number one.” Each year the list of core rules can be expanded.


 Here are Dr. Rempel’s rules in her home:


Safety first!

Share with your brother and sister!

Mind your manners!

Listen and do what you’re told!

Make a mess and clean it up!

Always try your best!

Think positive!

Be considerate and treat others respectfully!


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Here are a few of our favorite books on this subject!

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