Nature Trail Bingo

Nature Trail Bingo
Nature Trail (Hiking and Camping) Bingo
“I received the bingo game on Monday and it looks great!! We didn’t get to play the game yesterday after all, but are planning to use it in a few weeks and it will be perfect to take on our spring campouts with our Brownie troop and Cub Scouts! Thanks so much! Jenny”

Are you taking a group of children on a hike or on a camping trip? Do you want to relive a recent outdoor experience with them? Are you working on a scouting badge that involves camping? Then, here’s the bingo set to order. It’s filled with the sights of nature and equipment that you need while hiking or camping. There’s even a few of the more memorable outdoor experience traditions such as roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Starting at $1.99, download and print the set of your choice today!

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