Hats Off Bingo

Hats Off Bingo!  
Hats Off Bingo Game
Hats Off Bingo

This is my same old game with a brand new name! The Red Hat group requested I change the name and eliminate a couple of images. So…….Voila! Here is Hats Off! Bingo!!

No one can get together and have fun like Red Hatters! Are you looking for the perfect game to play at your next Red Hat meeting, Red Hat event, or Red Hat Convention? Then, play the Hat’s Off Bingo Game! What a great game to play at a Red Hat tea, Red Hat luncheon, or have a Red Hat Bingo Night to raise money for charity! The Hat’s Off bingo game is fun for any party or get together where the ladies in Red Hats and Purple Dresses ) are joining together in sisterhood that is focused on celebrating the good times in life!

Starting at $1.99, download and print the set of your choice today!

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A Conversation Card game is also available.  

Hats Off! Conversation Cards

Hats Off Conversation Cards

Hats Off! Conversation Cards

Here’s the perfect way to break the ice at your next meeting that is filled with Red Hats and Purple Dresses. Play the Hats Off Ice Breaker Game. Imagine a room full of ladies armed with fun and interesting questions to ask of one another. Just past out the cards, send the members off to ask someone the question that is written on the card. After the two members have discussed the questions on their cards, they exchange cards, and off they go to meet someone else. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to get to know the other members of a chapter. Best of all it’s a great way to strike up new friendships! There are more than 50 cards available in this set!

For just $1.99, download and print the set of your choice today!