Susan C. Rempel, Ph.D.

Dec 022013

It’s here! The Christmas Bingo set. It’s got 16 squares that are full of fun. This set can be used at a school, office, or holiday party. This set is so colorful and festive it’s sure to delight everyone who plays it! Print this game and play today for as little as $1.99 – Click here:

Merry Christmas Bingo

Nov 182013

This is a great book for any parent who is seeking to teach their child about the Constitution, or anyone who wants to supplement what is being taught in their child’s classroom. Each section is discussed and outlined. Unfamiliar terms are defined. $3.76 on Kindle: or $7.76 as a printable download of over 100 pages on

Apr 282013

What a great game to play at your daughter’s princess themed birthday party! My youngest daughter was three when we played this game at her party. I dressed up as Snow White, and the 20+ three year old girls all had a blast! 

Click here to order the game. It is printable for just $1.99!

Princess Party Bingo Game

Feb 162013

Get a Free 10 Card Game by Blogging or Linking to UnCommonCourtesy! If you’ve got a blog or a family friendly website, I’d love to connect with you!

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Send me an email with “Here’s my link to” in the subject line. Include in the email instructions or a link so I can find the mention on either your blog or your site. Tell me which game you would like to play, and I’ll send you a link to download the game.  You will have 36 hours to download the game, and you can not click on the link more than 5 times.

I do reserve the right to limit the number of games you may receive or decide that the website where the link is located does not warrant a game because it is not appropriate for people who would likely be visitors to my site  (e.g., adult sites, gambling sites, non-family friendly sites, hateful sites, etc.)

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Feb 122013

Printable Presidential Bingo Game at!

What a great way to help children of all ages learn about the American Presidents. Pictures and clip art of the American Presidents can serve as the basis for many informative discussions about United States Presidents, the Executive Branch of the American Government, and what it is like to serve as a president. The Presidential Bingo set is special because it can be played two different ways. The first set of calling pieces has tokens which match the bingo cards. For example, there is a square on the card that says:  “Rutherford B. Hayes, President #19, 1877 – 1881.” There is a matching calling piece for that square. For older children or adults, there is a second way to play this game. An additional set of calling pieces has been included with questions that must be answered in order to cover the square. For example, a square on the bingo card has the question: “John Quincy Adams and George W. Bush.” If the game is played in the question and answer format, the caller will draw the token that asks the question: “Which presidents have fathers who were also presidents? Answer: John Quincy Adams & George W. Bush.”